Coos County Jail Beds

The jail added 50 beds at the beginning of March.

Posted: Thu Mar 08 18:54:17 PST 2018
Updated: Thu Mar 08 18:54:18 PST 2018

Speech to Text for Coos County Jail Beds

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the 40s. i'll have more in just a bit. the staff at the coos county jail is hoping that the extra beds in the jail will help cut down on crime in the community. kezi 9 news reporter tyler jones went to coquille to see how it's going so far. sheriff craig zanni/coos county sheriff's office, says, "we won't have the ongoing somebody comes in, somebody goes out the door revolving door that everybody was concerned about, including everybody that worked here." :08 this change is a result of being able to keep more criminals locked up.. after the sheriff's office was recently able to add and replace correctional staff members. just last month.. the jail was only able to hold about fifty inmates because of inadequate staff numbers. now.. they're able to utilize about fifty more of the over 200 beds in the jail. zanni says, "what we'll try and do is have about 15 beds for females, 15 beds for sex offenders, and then you have high custody and special custody. you know, some politician gets thrown in jail, you can't keep them in general population because they're not very popular with the crooks or the good citizens at times." :19 the jail commander says he thinks this will lead to a reduction in crimes over time.. making the jail staff and community happy about not releasing criminals back onto the streets. cpt. darius mede/coos county jail commander, says, "i think as we move forward, we will see a real reduction in the property crimes, especially drug crimes. we do our best, even at 50 beds, to keep person to person crimes. but, even some of the lower-level, non- domestic, misdimeanor person to person crimes, we should see a reduction in those as well." :18
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