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World leaders keep trying and failing to get Donald Trump

Imagine you're the leader of a major world power.How do you deal with Donald Trump? None of them can figure it...

Posted: Jun 8, 2018 5:03 AM
Updated: Jun 8, 2018 5:03 AM

Imagine you're the leader of a major world power.

How do you deal with Donald Trump? None of them can figure it out.

They've tried flattery. They've sucked up to him. They've wined and dined him. They've golfed with him. Stayed at his private club and eaten his chocolate cake.

They've shaken his hand for as long as he wants. Over... and over... and over again.

They've thrown him military parades (which only makes him jealous).

They've tried to project strength against him, tried to play the alpha.

They've been extremely deferential.

They've taken his daughter out to dinner and championed her causes. They've pointed out the very long historical ties between their countries.

But none of it has worked.

Instead, he hits them with tariffs, pulls out of some treaties and questions others. He wants to renegotiate just about everything. He upends decades of foreign policy -- diplomatic, nuclear, economic, you name it.

He doesn't care if you're an ally now or if you've fought wars together in the past or if there's a DMZ between your troops and his.

He'll taunt you with a trade war one day and bail out a company in your country the next.

He wants to put up walls. He might, intentionally or not, insult you and your people. He'll make up trade deficits that don't exist. He'll make jokes about history.

You can call and complain. Your buddies can call and complain. You can go on American TV and complain. It won't do any good.

The people, it seems, who've had the most success getting his attention are the ones playing hardest to get.

How do you deal with a guy like that? An international meeting of key world leaders where they scheme to set Trump straight? Kind of.

But you can't rely on US ambassadors or Pentagon contacts. He regularly surprises them. He does it all the time.

Trump said he's going to put "America First." He seems to mean it. But you never really know what he's going to do next.

Is he doing it on purpose? Doesn't really matter. It's impossible to figure out.

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