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Company helps businesses recycle 50 percent more

Posted: Feb. 21, 2018 4:45 PM
Updated: Feb. 21, 2018 5:53 PM

A company is helping businesses in the Eugene and Springfield area reduce their carbon footprint and garbage costs.

Special Reports

Semi Safety: KEZI 9 News investigates dangerous truck drivers

KEZI 9 News spent several months combing through inspection data and working with state officials to see just how safe the trucking industry is, or isn't. This is part 1 of our 2-part investigation.

Search continues for missing Springfield mother

"With no leads, no crumbs, we don't know where to start again," said Kamara Houston, Judy Parker's daughter.

Detectives are determined to solve Lane County murder case

Joni Marie Grigsby was killed in June of 1995 and detectives are confident her killer will be found.

Springfield police not giving up on solving cold case

Dorothy Ashley was killed inside her home in August of 2016.

Local captain fights fires and cancer

Fire-related cancer shows hidden dangers lurking behind the smoke.

Corvallis father continues search for missing son

"It was like he was here one day then gone the next and never heard from," said Donald Long, Chris's father.


Some pet owners give their furry friends marijuana.

Hidden Death: Firefighters face long-term consequences of dangerous career

Firefighters have far higher rates of certain cancers than the general population.

Police crack down on dangerous drug in Oregon

In a KEZI 9 News Special Report, anchor Sean Cuellar investigated street drugs and a new class of drug, fentanyl, which is proving to be a game changer.

SPECIAL REPORT: Putting DNA to the test

KEZI 9 News tested three at-home ancestry DNA kits.

Project Safe Family

Study: parents shouldn't provide teens with alcohol

Research shows that allowing your teen to drink before the legal drinking age does not offer protection against alcohol abuse.

Rise in teen suicide, social media coincide; is there link?

A new study shows there could be a link between social media use and teen suicide and depression.

Anti-bullying app helps to stop bullying in schools and workplaces

An anti-bullying app is giving more power victims and witnesses.

Family says bullying at school put their son in the hospital

Parents said bullying at the school landed their son in a hospital to be treated for depression and an eating disorder.

Burger King takes on bullying with ad

Burger King takes customers by surprise with compelling, provocative social experiment.

Study: teens who vape more likely to smoke cigarettes within year

E-cigarettes seem like they offer a safer alternative to regular cigarettes but a new study is showing the one may not actually keep teens from using the other.

New law holds parents accountable for school bullying

A New York town is cracking down on bullying by holding parents accountable for their children's actions.

Teens ask lawmakers to raise tobacco age to 21

A group of high school students in Massachusetts is taking a stand against tobacco companies.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Company helps businesses recycle 50 percent more

A company is helping businesses in the Eugene and Springfield area reduce their carbon footprint and garbage costs.

Eugene parks and natural areas are salmon-safe certified

The city of Eugene is certified salmon-safe, meaning its operations and maintenance practices are beneficial to fish.

Guide to a waste-free holiday

The winter holidays will be over soon and Lane County officials want to make sure you are recycling your items.

Recycle Styrofoam at all St. Vincent De Paul locations

Every St. Vincent De Paul location is accepting Styrofoam to be recycled. The Styrofoam is compressed and repurposed for a number of uses, instead of sitting in a landfill.

Electronics can be recycled at new locations in Lane County

Need to get rid of your old TV or computer? Lane County Waste Management will recycle your electronic goods at more locations.

Sanipac explains what can and cannot be recycled

The garbage service company Sanipac is warning residents that putting the wrong things in your recycle bin can contaminate the other materials.

In The Garden

In The Garden: Winterize your lawn

Now that the summer has come and gone it's time to think ahead to winter and protecting your lawn.

In The Garden: Transform winter squash into comfort food

Comfort food is perfect for a chilly fall night and it's even better when comfort food is made from winter squash picked fresh from the garden.

In The Garden: "Drink Up Your Garden"

If you work hard in the garden, now is the time to raise your glass and "Drink Up Your Garden."

In The Garden: Pruning blueberry bushes

KEZI wraps up its final In The Garden segment. This week, Caleb Johnson, owner of Johnson Brothers Garden Market, shares tips on how and when to trim your blueberry bushes.

Pet of the Week

Pet of the Week: Gidget and Mandy

Gidget and Mandy have been at Greenhill Humane Society since Feb. 3.

Pet of the Week: Maize

Maize is an older dog who would make a great pet for the right family.

Pet of the Week: Fred

Fred is an ideal dog for a family looking for a calm, friendly older companion.

Pet of the Week: Baby visits KEZI again

Baby enjoys being held and is a sweet, well-mannered dog.

Pet of the Week: Baby

Baby is looking for a mature adult-only home.

Pet of the Week: Girl

This sweet dog would be a good fit for many families, as long as she gets plenty of love and attention.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports investigates unproven stem cell treatments

Doctors and scientists have made some impressive strides in using stem cells to treat some very complicated diseases, but many unproven therapies are being touted as cure-alls for a large range of illnesses.

Consumer Reports tests 41 Beds-in-a-Box

Consumer Reports has run 41 beds-in-a-box through its rigorous tests - checking wear, support for different body types, firmness and bounciness, and pressure points.

Consumer Reports finds TV security flaw

Consumer Reports was able to demonstrate how a hacker could potentially take over your TV -- change channels, play offensive content, or turn the volume up to full blast.

Social media tips for your next job search

Consumer Reports offers social media tips for your next job search.

How to Safely Secure Your Christmas Tree

A recent study by AAA says an estimated 20 million Americans who purchased real Christmas trees did not properly secure the tree to their vehicle.

Consumer Reports: Beware of online holiday shopping scams

Consumer Reports offers advice for online shopping and how to spot scams.

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